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Action Games Portal_412252 CQC The CQC special forces has been send to a secret lab building without clear briefing...
Action Games Portal_283757 Crazy Steven Steven the fireman has gone crazy! Ride his donkey and chop people in half!
Action Games Portal_366300 Crusader Tank Get to the heart of the Black Cult and destroy its leader using a new super tank.
Action Games Portal_416898 Cyborg. You're a crazed cyborg chick bent on destruction and the obliteration of George W Bush!
Action Games Portal_510279 Dadgame Look out everyone! Dad' Overtime!!!!!!
Action Games Portal_493554 Darnell's Recount When Darnell loses the school election, all hell breaks loose.
Action Games Portal_486939 Days 2 Die Survive the zombie outbreak, place barricades, buy weapons, hire mercenaries.
Action Games Portal_513540 Days 2 Die-The Other Side Survive the zombie outbreak once again! This is a prequel/sequel to Days 2 Die.
Action Games Portal_406152 Dead Frontier: Night One Blow away a horde of undead beasts with an array of weapons. Can you survive the night?
Action Games Portal_311177 Deep Creatures : The Game There are creatures in the deep. Creatures that breath fire and swing mallets!
Action Games Portal_506141 Demolition City Destroy each building and tower with your dynamite.
Action Games Portal_57690 Demonic Goat: The Game You're on a mission to destroy all sheep and gain ultimate power!
Action Games Portal_317652 Destroy the World Blast away the tyrannical human empire and defend the peace and freedom of the galaxy!
Action Games Portal_443828 Dino Run The doom asteroid has finally dropped... run, jump and claw your way to survival!
Action Games Portal_136337 Divine Intervention pt. 1 Kick some holy ass. One of my favs!
Action Games Portal_73449 Domo-Kun Angry Smashfest! Domo takes on the Powerpuff Girls in the greatest battle of all time!
Action Games Portal_486660 Don't Look Back A challenging action-platformer in a minimalist style.
Action Games Portal_188674 Doomed Kill everything in this evil hybrid child of Smash TV and Gauntlet!
Action Games Portal_378618 Douchemonkey Astronaut Douchemonkey Astronaut!
Action Games Portal_73476 dr yeckyl and mr ride Makes lunar lander look like dog poo!
Action Games Portal_264239 Dragonslayer v1.2 A shoot-em-up game involving a wizard who kills dragons.
Action Games Portal_428634 Drunken Masters Epic bartending action!
Action Games Portal_502777 Dungeons and Dungeons Whip the bad guys. They're into that stuff.
Action Games Portal_381450 Edward. Venture through a variation of colorful levels, whilst destroying a multitude of robots!
Action Games Portal_231029 Egg Hunter Run, jump and shoot your enemies to keep your egg from breaking!
Action Games Portal_440696 Elite Forces:Afghan Elite Forces is back! Fight against Taliban groups, free hostages, burn Opium fields.
Action Games Portal_376347 Escape from CampHostility Nene tries to escape Camp Hostility.
Action Games Portal_330416 Escape from Helltowers Escape from the horrors of Helltowers!
Action Games Portal_203006 Extreme Farm Sim You aint gunna get mah chinckens you extra telestials!
Action Games Portal_301341 Fancy Pants Adventures This could very well be the best Flash platformer yet!
Action Games Portal_411271 Fear Unlimited 2 Issue 1 Encon is back and kicking demon ass in his first hired mission (prequel).
Action Games Portal_279998 Fear Unlimited Full Edit Play as Encon the otherworldly Demon slayer with an arsenal of swords and guns!
Action Games Portal_127180 Fire Man - Incoming Storm Extremely well made game starring Fire Man! It's a challenge!
Action Games Portal_274160 Fishsticks! Can you survive 5 days as a tuna fish, avoiding fishermen, UFO's and the Yellow Submarine?
Action Games Portal_275165 Flash Fodder Battle the flashfodder campaign, see how high you can score!
Action Games Portal_234028 Flash Halo: CTF It's a Halo side scroller with 16 bit graphics. Rock on!
Action Games Portal_263806 Flying Spaghetti Monster As the Flying Spaghetti Monster, you must use your noodly appendage to convert the masses.
Action Games Portal_4674 Flying Squirrel NG v 1.0 Jump around and grab as many points as possible before time runs out!
Action Games Portal_420606 FPA: World 2 World 2 of the Fancy Pants Adventure!
Action Games Portal_258004 Fresh Prince vs. The KKK The Fresh Prince of Bel Air takes on the might of the KKK to save Carlton!
Action Games Portal_415715 Gangsta Bean Vegetable eating is Hella Gangsta!
Action Games Portal_390712 GeoWars A little Geometry Wars clone with some twists.
Action Games Portal_246917 GG's Ultimate Arcade 12 games and 20 pointless toys all in one package!
Action Games Portal_344939 Ghoul Academy Help Father Painbringer bring peace to the undead via the gentle medium of the shotgun.
Action Games Portal_288634 Gladiator EviLudy and Puzz team up to bring you this arena slaughte game! How long can you survive?
Action Games Portal_226374 go michael go! Help Mr Jackson to pick up his pedo evidence before the cops find out!
Action Games Portal_374299 Goblins Heart Take on the goblin armites as Lex the monster hunter!
Action Games Portal_288598 gogo Happy & Smile Play as a cat or rabbit and take on some nasty bears! Inspired by Alien Hominid and Metal Slug!
Action Games Portal_254562 Graveyard of Drunk Souls Zombie hunting game featuring 75 hats and four weapons. 75 freakin' hats!
Action Games Portal_64783 Gravity Ball 2 Similar to break out, but with more items!
Action Games Portal_254180 Greghory's Assault Greghory's Elephant Boner Assault! Sneak up on people and ram 'em!
Action Games Portal_85620 Guardian Angel Play as this hot and sexy angel as you rescue kids!
Action Games Portal_274165 GunRun Run. Jump. Shoot. Enjoy!
Action Games Portal_338288 Have A Nice Day: The Game Mow down zombies, dodge George Washington Icaris Arrows, and avoid the T-rex as a ninja.
Action Games Portal_283604 Hellbound Help little Devlin to find his wings in the vast depths of hell!
Action Games Portal_261325 Herd (Full) A lovely game where you must herd creatures to a designated target while avoiding enemies.
Action Games Portal_342841 Higher and Higher! Jump as high as you can.
Action Games Portal_261855 Hobbit Rampage Fight your halfling through this classic platformer game!
Action Games Portal_374704 Holy War: Invasion You are an engineer seized by enemy invasion during testing of the armoured scaphander.
Action Games Portal_69396 Hot Shots Guide a fire ball through twisting caverns, destroying enemies on the way.
Action Games Portal_262799 HoverBot Hover your way across an expansive terrain, collecting energy!
Action Games Portal_404720 Ignito Pulse Mix of Megaman, Geometry Wars and Snake!
Action Games Portal_408225 Indestruc2Tank Indestruc2Tank, the long awaited sequel. Back-2-Boom!
Action Games Portal_419405 IndestructoCopter Take on the enemy airforce in this shooter set in the IndestructoTank universe!
Action Games Portal_432900 IndestructoTank A.E. Exactly one year to the day since IndestructoTank hit Newgrounds.
Action Games Portal_371290 IndestructoTank! You are but a single indestructable tank, against an army of thousands! YOU MUST PLAY!
Action Games Portal_260830 Indian Outlaw Totally intense, some of the coolest insane gameplay on the planet. Thanks Wiesi!
Action Games Portal_483014 Infinite Chamber Cross the gap on a randomized bridge while avoiding fireballs and death in general.
Action Games Portal_145946 Insane Orb This game has an insane following. Picture playing pong in front of a black hole, or something.
Action Games Portal_451373 intrusion A retro-style sidescrolling shooter, think Metal Slug with ragdoll physics.
Action Games Portal_360869 James The Circus Zebra James tries his hand at being a circus daredevil. Two unlockable minigames!
Action Games Portal_356348 James The Deep Sea Zebra Go deep sea diving with James. Great fun!
Action Games Portal_392035 Jump by Neodelight Old school run and jump adventure. Have fun exploring and collecting!
Action Games Portal_511731 Kill The Spartan Choose how the Spartan will die!
Action Games Portal_161307 Killer Cheeto Arcade style platform shootem-up!
Action Games Portal_107813 Kookin' Kidz A cute flash game about a witch who likes kids.
Action Games Portal_538572 Larry And The Gnomes Karryon is in complete chaos, as Gnomes are on a rampage! This looks like a job for Larry!
Action Games Portal_366341 Lars' Adventure A whacky platformer with infectious audio, fun level design and BIG bosses.
Action Games Portal_502144 Lastman You have one life to beat one level... that seems fair enough.
Action Games Portal_330597 Leech It's summer time, and you know what that means! Leech season!
Action Games Portal_398528 Lemon Smash It's silly, smash lemons!
Action Games Portal_422696 Letum Turns out your gun shed is in the middle of a zombie infestation...
Action Games Portal_419599 Light people on Fire Yup. The title says it all. Your on fire! You must share this burning sensation.
Action Games Portal_374434 Line Runner Crossing the line was never this fun! THIS GAME IS AWESOME.
Action Games Portal_512929 lint Lint, cousin to moss must jump and dodge obstacles to reach her destination. Help her!
Action Games Portal_355647 Loa And The Island Quest A colorful platformer that deserves your attention!
Action Games Portal_179507 Lone Faction You must escape from the facility that has created you!
Action Games Portal_266119 Lord Of The Stars 1.4 Fight your way through the cursed creatures of Lord Staruman!
Action Games Portal_512407 Madness Accelerant The clown cannot die... Or can he???
Action Games Portal_512252 Madness Deathwish 2 A psychopaths job is never finished!
Action Games Portal_250919 Mario Remix Play as Mario in remakes of SMW, Megaman and Gradius!
Action Games Portal_232686 Mario Starcatcher 2 Play as mario in 20 interactive levels of platforming fun!
Action Games Portal_471144 Mario-Combat You're Super Mario! Go kick Bowsers ass!
Action Games Portal_270585 Marvin Spectrum One of my favorite games ever! Classic reaction gaming with some color phasing twists!
Action Games Portal_422848 Mashhouse Dungeons, traps and ultra-hard platform action!
Action Games Portal_40353 Mason's Bubble Blast Jose and I made this game for his girlfriend's son, but it r0x0rz!
Action Games Portal_437252 Matrix Pandemonium The exciting sequel to Matrix Rampage!
Action Games Portal_352476 Matrix Rampage Survive mobs of agents using various weapons!
Action Games Portal_463241 Meat Boy Extremely challenging! Best ending ever! Must Play!
Action Games Portal_495590 Medieval Rampage Battle your way through 25 waves of non-stop combat to avenge your village.
Action Games Portal_512758 Medieval Rampage 2 Fight off hordes of oncoming enemies.
Action Games Portal_70366 Megaman - ProjectX(demo) Megaman clone. One level for your enjoyment.
Action Games Portal_186982 Megaman PX - Time Trial A megaman time trial game with 3 playable characters and 4 levels.
Action Games Portal_175060 Megaman vs Ghosts&Goblins Hands down one of THE BEST Flash games ever made! A must-see!
Action Games Portal_124070 Megaman vs Metroid Awesome playable remake of Metroid, but you control Megaman rather than Samus!
Action Games Portal_457466 Mercenaries 2 Shoot, drive, fly and snipe your way to victory in this action game!
Action Games Portal_475284 Metal Slug Brutal 2 Shoot lots of soldiers, ya know, it's freakin' Metal Slug!
Action Games Portal_79706 Metal Slug Rampage The moment you've all been waiting for; hop in a tank and go nuts!
Action Games Portal_245678 Metal Slug Rampage 3 Go on a Metal Slug style Rampage. This time you're not confined to the tank.
Action Games Portal_56449 Metal Slug S Metal slug with sticks!
Action Games Portal_513760 Miami Shark SHARK OF MASS DESTRUUUUUUUUCTION!!!!!
Action Games Portal_243394 Midnight-Strike Great run and gun fun! Impressively coded!
Action Games Portal_396490 MiLife: April The first level of MiLife: An autobiographical, episodic game.
Action Games Portal_376163 MindScape Strange and twisted worlds of jump'n'run insanity!
Action Games Portal_233966 MMPolarity Reconstruction It's like Megaman meets Ikaruga! Very cool concept!
Action Games Portal_332656 Mobile Weapon Assault Shoot down enemies with your MAW and complete all 5 stages to unlock new MAWs!
Action Games Portal_511747 Momentum Missile Mayhem 4 Crush, kill, destroy!
Action Games Portal_419190 Monoliths Mario World 2 Remake of the classic with new worlds!
Action Games Portal_476744 Monster Evolution Play as a monster. Create havoc, feed on humans, and evolve!!! A stylish and unique game.
Action Games Portal_506341 More Zombies Play as Rocco the hot dog vendor and slain zombies and More Zombies!
Action Games Portal_228290 Motherload Drill your way deep into the earth in this amazing game!
Action Games Portal_180571 Mr Fox A side scrolling platform with the visual flare of a b&W cartoon! There's nothing like it!
Action Games Portal_363709 Mr. Orange & Rufus Help Mr. Orange to commit suicide!
Action Games Portal_506546 Multitask Can you handle multiple minigames at the same time?
Action Games Portal_245003 Muscomorpha Rescue your beloved maggot in this side scrolling adventure. Difficult, but rewarding.
Action Games Portal_481975 Nade Reborn Bomb the living crap out of EVERYTHING, you know you want to.
Action Games Portal_415030 Nameless THE GAME The gangs gets into some crazy shit!
Action Games Portal_310464 Newgrounds Museum 2 Help Pico save the Newgrounds Museum!
Action Games Portal_335502 Ninja - Pirate Cave Raid Ninjas just love raiding pirate caves...
Action Games Portal_289067 Ninjaman! Ninjaman, the best 2D action platformer for your ninja-slicing entertainment!
Action Games Portal_413492 Ninjotic Mayhem Addictive flash game featuring a goofy ninja taking on the relentless zombies!
Action Games Portal_234795 old wink game thing Wink sets out on a massive adventure! This time you control him!
Action Games Portal_213543 Onslaught! Test your reflexes and aiming ability in this intense attack on your castle!
Action Games Portal_491758 Oozing Forever Bounce, bash, and ooze your way to freedom... while getting a little revenge on the side.
Action Games Portal_222560 Operation Maus It's like Commando, only much faster and totally crazy! Awesome game!
Action Games Portal_387428 Orbular Use your paddle to smash through levels of circular bricks in this breakout-infused game!
Action Games Portal_323418 Osiris Take on Egyptian Gods on a quest to retrieve the legendary Amulet of Osiris!
Action Games Portal_352839 Osiris II Take an epic quest around the world to find a way to break the curse of Osiris.
Action Games Portal_331157 Ostrich Jump 3: On Crack Ostrich + Crack = Ostrich Jump 3!
Action Games Portal_458708 Ownage Burst demo Don't stop shooting everything that moves in this side-scrolling shoot'em up game.
Action Games Portal_69161 Panik In Chocoland Crazy high-jumping, platforming fun!
Action Games Portal_340248 Parachute Retrospect Jump out of a helicopter while avoiding missles, lasers, and other obstacles!
Action Games Portal_489777 Penguinz Unrivalled Penguin gore mayhem in this action packed shooter.
Action Games Portal_192494 Pest Attack Just whack those pest and rats before they get you!
Action Games Portal_336489 PickleMan's Green Thumb! PickleMan and the Green Thumb of Destiny: the only game that makes gardening an ADVENTURE!
Action Games Portal_376390 Pico of the Dark Ages Help Pico battle the Dark Wizard Allucardis and his Army of Uber-Goths!
Action Games Portal_376250 Pico's Blam Jam Destroy Pico's competition to restore his place in the Portal!
Action Games Portal_376103 Pico's Surprise Party Can Pico survive his own birthday party?
Action Games Portal_310512 Pico's Unloaded: The Game A killer Pico Day game with official art by Mindchamber!
Action Games Portal_498177 Pilgrimage Based on a true story!
Action Games Portal_506250 Pixel Grower Collect as many pixels as you can.
Action Games Portal_511158 Pizza City Burn rubber and melt cheese.
Action Games Portal_439325 Planet Platformer A cool rotational platformer, kinda like a 2D Mario Galaxy!
Action Games Portal_472790 Planet Platformer 2 A space adventure on small planets.
Action Games Portal_317501 Plankton Life 2 Avoid, shoot, eat, evolve! Awesome evolutionary shooter!
Action Games Portal_497488 Plumet Get as many points as you can in this exciting fall-down game.
Action Games Portal_37611 Pol Pol is running for his life through ten levels of old-school arcade action!
Action Games Portal_34918 Polar Rescue One Bird... One Mission... Are you ready?
Action Games Portal_404612 Portal: The Flash Version Based on Valve's latest hit, Portal: The Flash Version brings it all up in 2d!
Action Games Portal_212188 Powerfox Fight insane enemies with frantic infinite power-up items!
Action Games Portal_212598 Powerfox V.2 I am totally in love with this game, it's a must-play!
Action Games Portal_215318 Powerfox V.3 Go one on one against crazy enemies in this intense run and gun shooter!
Action Games Portal_329250 Prehistoric. Bounce, stomp, and slide around prehistoric lands as a mixbred Dinosaur!
Action Games Portal_362802 Project Validus: Survival Gain skills and experience as you fight to survive in a city filled with walking dead.
Action Games Portal_373171 Pyromasters Play as one of the pyromasters and blast away against up to three computer/human players!
Action Games Portal_503258 Rabbit Wants Cake He really thinks you'll help him get it.
Action Games Portal_466112 Rage3! The final Rage is here! Fight your way to becoming the champ!
Action Games Portal_410667 Raptek Arena Reloaded Play the role of a prisoner, who has to fight for his freedom in a monster packed arena.
Action Games Portal_51909 Ravage Remember Rampage? This is just like it, but with original characters!
Action Games Portal_158767 Recoil Attack an onslaught of enemies. Art by Mindchamber!
Action Games Portal_492685 Red Moon Once a decade the moon shines Red. Play through 20 levels, 2 bosses & collect 13 medals!
Action Games Portal_342072 Rescue Mission 1 Shoot the enemies down with awesome weapons and rescue the kidnapped people!
Action Games Portal_265944 Robo Farmer In the future, robots go on robotic rampages.
Action Games Portal_324397 Robo Slug Annihilate enemy rebel robots! Thistler never ceases to amaze!
Action Games Portal_399964 Robo Slug 2 The deadly slugger returns to battle the alien invaders!
Action Games Portal_433479 Robot Jim! Protect your space station from alien invaders!
Action Games Portal_352627 Rocket Tag 2 Rocket Tag is back, with extra powerups and multiple arenas!
Action Games Portal_300392 Roman Rumble Take control of the squirrel family and jump your way to victory!
Action Games Portal_415320 Ronin Warrior A hack-n-slash through a fantasy medieval Japan. Swords, blood and necromancy!
Action Games Portal_283613 Runes of Shalak Old Atari-looking platformer for everyone! Yay.
Action Games Portal_200075 Russian Affairs Kill or be killed in this realistic 2D-platform game...
Action Games Portal_274705 Ryan's Dream Adventure Simple platform game, exploring and collecting items.
Action Games Portal_40132 Sack Smash 2001 Smash the evil gnomes with your enormous sack! Compete for the highest score on NG!
Action Games Portal_396850 Schwarzkäppchen A morbid & sexy rendition of Little Red Riding Hood in the form of a hack & slash.
Action Games Portal_255611 Scorched Earth Flash A Flash multiplayer version of Scorched Earth!
Action Games Portal_496038 Seed of Destruction Ride around on a giant sperm and generally ruin everything.
Action Games Portal_226806 Seraph You are Seraph, awakened to clear the skies from the hostile drones and lifeforms that threaten your home.
Action Games Portal_291630 Serious Santa Santa blasts through destructible terrain to save his elves. Lots of secret stuff too! ;)
Action Games Portal_278494 Shotgun Orc The kind of fun only an orc with a shotgun can have.
Action Games Portal_272178 Silent Death A 2D sidescrolling stealth game. Take out your enemies, get the files, and find the Chief.
Action Games Portal_406870 Simpleton Dispense some zombie justice!
Action Games Portal_353429 Skirmish - Game Survive as long as possible, and kick ass doing it!
Action Games Portal_319050 Slam Pong on steroids, with a totally new twist!
Action Games Portal_331352 Slug Smash! Smash up an army of psychotic slugs and dodge explosive meteors!
Action Games Portal_389672 Smileys War Customise your smiley and join the fight in this epic platformer shooting game!
Action Games Portal_178713 Snail and Pace Three snails to choose from. Build up speed with the arrow keys, space bar to spin.
Action Games Portal_222166 SnowBlitz Toss and dodge snowballs on your way to victory!
Action Games Portal_52537 Soap Bubble I Guide a fragile soap bubble through a treacherous mine tunnel!
Action Games Portal_276323 SOF Supernova 2035 DS It's like playing a DS game in your browser! Weisi you rule!!!
Action Games Portal_308519 Soldier of Pain Control your hero and defeat enemy in three long missions!
Action Games Portal_80438 SOULMECH - Shinobu Slice and dice your way through level after level of ninja action!
Action Games Portal_382327 Space Bounty You are an elite mercenary and must destroy everything in your way!
Action Games Portal_500137 Sparks and Dust Obliterate the frozen ground and any foes in your way in this Action Platformer.
Action Games Portal_301739 Special Mission Totally insane recreation of Metal Slug, with all new graphics!
Action Games Portal_216820 Speedmaster Intense shooter with power ups and rewards that all your pervs will enjoy.
Action Games Portal_494129 Spewer Spewer is a game about puking.
Action Games Portal_370387 Spin Soar {Red} Disorientive goodness with a flying and dodging theme!
Action Games Portal_368831 Spin Sprint {Orange} A spinning follow-up to Spin Climb, Disorientative Goodness!
Action Games Portal_264118 Sponge and Leroy V.2 An updated "easier" version of the original game, featuring several gameplay tweaks.
Action Games Portal_481866 Squeez Can you squeeze your way past the obstacles and unlock all the achievements?
Action Games Portal_46601 Squigly Fish Racer v1.0 Race the bastardly evil cpu fish or a bastardly friend in this squigglerific game!
Action Games Portal_460211 Squirtman Can you survive in this mutant-infested planet?
Action Games Portal_388658 Stabika ep.1 Escape Control Kade as he escapes the grasp of his captors!
Action Games Portal_398681 Stabika ep.2: Carnage Control Kade as he takes out his revenge against his enemies!
Action Games Portal_318168 Staggy Boyscouts are pwning your forest so you have no choice but to slay them all!
Action Games Portal_334475 Staggy 2 The boyscouts are back pwning in your forrest. It's your job to slay them all!
Action Games Portal_324736 Stalingrad Sprint Run through the 1942 streets of Stalingrad, dodging artillery shells and shooting Nazis.
Action Games Portal_378652 Star Island Roll and jump through fun levels and collect all the stars from Star Island!
Action Games Portal_310804 Stranded! Stranded is a manic top-down shooter. All brawn, no brains. Go crazy.
Action Games Portal_225944 Streets Of Fire Run around and light stuff on fire! Pyro fun for the family!
Action Games Portal_327510 Streets of Valhalla Destroy enemy gangs, face the Mafia, can you survive in the Streets of Valhalla?
Action Games Portal_381158 Super M Super M to the rescue! Does a great job at capturing the feeling of a flying mouse.
Action Games Portal_534416 Super Mario Crossover Play the original Super Mario Bros with characters from classic Nintendo games.
Action Games Portal_297130 Super Monkey Poop FIght Play as a monkey and throw poop.
Action Games Portal_99117 Super Ninja A swinging ninja game!
Action Games Portal_398692 Super Ninja Strike You are not just fighting one opponent. You are fighting the unknown.
Action Games Portal_280693 Super WalkLand Help Aura to take back the music and defeat the evil robot clones!
Action Games Portal_284305 supersoldier Sidescrolling soldier game! Sweep back and forth controlling enemy territory!
Action Games Portal_426958 SuperTank Upgrade your tank as you fight your Red Skull oppressors.
Action Games Portal_489758 Survival Lab Run, jump, and dodge. Can you survival this grueling course?
Action Games Portal_533302 Sydney Shark Death is imminent!
Action Games Portal_107472 Synj Sneak Attack Help Synj flank the evil forest gnomes!!
Action Games Portal_418359 Tank 2008 Settle the War of the Tanks once and for all!
Action Games Portal_386821 Terrascape Battle across 4 unique lands to claim a legendary power artifact!
Action Games Portal_221520 The Bounce Bounce yourself higher and higher for more fun!
Action Games Portal_305346 The Eva Project A horizontal scrolling shoot'em up, and a pretty slick one at that!
Action Games Portal_232719 The Kung Fu Statesmen Choose your kung fu politician and kick the holy anus out of the electorate!!!
Action Games Portal_398981 The Relic Rush Break into the British Museum and return a priceless relic to it's rightfull place!
Action Games Portal_274709 The Rice Hat Warrior Cold steel is your only ally in a quest for vengeance.
Action Games Portal_457996 The Rise of a KING Times are getting dark with the current king and many others behaving strangely...
Action Games Portal_430626 The Rise of a Knight A fantasy action/adventure hack 'n slash game about a guard and his rise to knighthood.
Action Games Portal_63747 the skullkid Highly amusing and fun office rampage! Chainsaws and shootouts!
Action Games Portal_422675 The Unfair Platformer Who said platform games had to be fair?
Action Games Portal_267859 The Urban Wizard Play as the smoooth urban wizard and pop a cap in the @$$ of evil!
Action Games Portal_262389 Thing-Thing Slick side scroller with obvious Madness Interactive inspiration!
Action Games Portal_267342 Thing-Thing 2 The new sequel to Thing-Thing, with tons of action!
Action Games Portal_311953 Thing-Thing 3 The 3rd installment of the Thing-Thing series with loads of new features!
Action Games Portal_433321 Thing-Thing 4 The next chapter in the Thing-Thing saga!
Action Games Portal_295040 Thing-Thing Arena Thing-Thing Arena features chaotic gun battles and world wide high score tables!
Action Games Portal_344422 Thing-Thing Arena 2 Survive as long as you can in various death matches!
Action Games Portal_485863 Thing-Thing Arena 3 Shoot your way through countless enemies, but this time, do it with style!
Action Games Portal_508676 This is the Only Level Adventures in singularity!
Action Games Portal_311933 Throw Ancient Stuff! Thow ancient stuff at mummies or fart at them by drinking grogg!
Action Games Portal_151889 Tip-A-Cow Your fate is chosen... You are chosen to be The Cowtipper. Can you rise to the occasion?
Action Games Portal_378808 Toast of War Headbutt your way through a medley of crazy worlds in this slamtastic adventure!
Action Games Portal_371120 Toast: Game Collect butter and jam, just don't get burnt!
Action Games Portal_403517 Tornado Button Smashing You are a tornado destroying civilization! Pure arcade-styled action!! Go!!!
Action Games Portal_508440 Toss the Turtle Use cannons, bombs, and jetpacks to get as far as possible!
Action Games Portal_381298 Touch The Bubbles Touch the bubbles, don't let them get away!
Action Games Portal_496143 Tower of Greed Escape the infamous Tower of Greed while collecting as many gems as possible.
Action Games Portal_271031 Train Robber! Evade the sheriff while robbing the train!
Action Games Portal_312633 Tumbler Guide yourself by mouse through the Tumbler; an insane realm full of surprises.
Action Games Portal_223956 Turbo Tank Fight big bosses with your little turbo tank!
Action Games Portal_359542 UFOMania Abduct humans! Save the race!
Action Games Portal_498521 Ultimate Assassin 2 Be an Ultimate Assassin in this exciting game!
Action Games Portal_151706 ultimate flash sonic One of the best video game remakes ever in Flash! Go kick Eggman's butt!
Action Games Portal_254098 Ultimate Potato Fight for your life as you fall of the edge of a very tall building!
Action Games Portal_301129 Unreal Flash Arena based fighting game. Can you survive the onslaught?!?
Action Games Portal_404643 Unreal Flash 2007 The second explosive installment in the hugely popular Unreal Flash series!
Action Games Portal_508793 Viva Caligula Gather 26 different weapons, destroy fellow Romans and discover the Orgy Room.
Action Games Portal_219977 Viviparous Dumpling Maneuver the fetal dumpling with your mouse by throwing him into the nutrient rich sperm!
Action Games Portal_390151 Weltling 2: Regurgitated A revamped special edition of the classic Badlands game!
Action Games Portal_505307 When Pigs Fly Can a pig learn to fly? And can a pig learn to steer? Maybe with your help!
Action Games Portal_304181 White-Knight Hack and slash your way through hordes of enemies to get revenge on the king!
Action Games Portal_269009 Wink: the Game Wink returns in an all new action stealth game! HUGE maps and secrets await!
Action Games Portal_314176 wOne Roll through each level collecting barrels and stars in this fun physics-based game!
Action Games Portal_337230 wOne2 Reach new heights and speeds in this sequel to wOne, includes Bungee & Thrusters.
Action Games Portal_335530 wpnFire Use explosives, automatic weapons and whatever else it takes to kill anything in your way.
Action Games Portal_427136 Wulfgar Play as a viking in this action adventure side scroller!
Action Games Portal_356904 Xtreme Cliff Diving No matter what you do, you're going to die.
Action Games Portal_301441 Xunmato Alpha Knights Action packed combat game with loads of features and stacks of fun!
Action Games Portal_505914 You Only Live Once What if I told you you really only get one chance?
Action Games Portal_293070 Zefs Underwater Adventure Help Zef save Marina from the evil darkness!
Action Games Portal_322861 Zombie Survival: SM Make your way through hordes of undead zombies, slaughter them all.
Action Games Portal_490436 Zombieman How long can you survive the zombie invasion?
Action Games Portal_263567 Zorro Tank Evil scientist Karbafos with his war machines captures city Alhadar. ZT to the rescue!
Action Games Portal_486505 [Visible] What you may not see can kill you.

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var cpmstar_fixed;
if (cpmstar_fixed == undefined) {
cpmstar_fixed = "1";
var adPos;
if (cpmstar_fixed == "1" && !('BackCompat' == document.compatMode && /msie/i.test(navigator.userAgent)) && !/msie 6/i.test(navigator.userAgent)) {
adPos = "fixed";
} else {
adPos = "absolute";
var cpmstar_pixelUrl = "";
if ("" != cpmstar_pixelUrl) {
document.write('Action Games '+cpmstar_pixelUrl+'\n');
var cpmstar_pixelUrl2 = "";
if ("" != cpmstar_pixelUrl2) {
document.write('Action Games '+cpmstar_pixelUrl2+'\n');

var cpmstar_clickUrl ="";
var cpmstar_width = "336";
var cpmstar_height = "768";
var cpmstar_skinLeftUrl = "";
var cpmstar_skinRightUrl = "";

function dash2Camel(s){
return s.replace(/\-(\w)/g,function (m,n){return n.toUpperCase();});
function px2Int(s){
return 1*s.replace(/px/,'');

if(cpmstar_skinStyle == "R") {
} else {
var b = document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0];
var l = "margin-left";
var r = "margin-right";
l = b.currentStyle[dash2Camel(l)];
r = b.currentStyle[dash2Camel(r)];
} else if(document.defaultView && document.defaultView.getComputedStyle){
l = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(b,"").getPropertyValue(l);
r = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(b,"").getPropertyValue(r);
var ml = 0;
var mr = 0;
if (undefined != l && l.indexOf("px") != -1 ) {
ml = px2Int(l);
if (undefined != r && r.indexOf("px") != -1 ) {
mr = px2Int(r);
var rshift=(mr-ml)/2;
cpmstar_centerWidth = px2Int(cpmstar_centerWidth);
cpmstar_leftOffset = px2Int(cpmstar_leftOffset);
cpmstar_rightOffset = px2Int(cpmstar_rightOffset);
var cpmstar_skinLeftML = - cpmstar_centerWidth/2 - cpmstar_width + cpmstar_leftOffset - rshift;
cpmstar_skinLeftML = cpmstar_skinLeftML + "px";
var cpmstar_skinRightML = cpmstar_centerWidth/2 + cpmstar_rightOffset - rshift;
cpmstar_skinRightML = cpmstar_skinRightML + "px";
var plugin = 0;
if (navigator.mimeTypes && navigator.mimeTypes["application/x-shockwave-flash"] && navigator.mimeTypes["application/x-shockwave-flash"].enabledPlugin) {
if (navigator.plugins && navigator.plugins["Shockwave Flash"])
plugin = 1;
else if (navigator.userAgent && navigator.userAgent.indexOf("MSIE")>=0
&& (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Windows 95")>=0 || navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Windows 98")>=0 || navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Windows NT")>=0)) {
document.write(' \n');
document.write('on error resume next \n');
document.write('plugin = ( IsObject(CreateObject("ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash")))\n');
document.write('if ( plugin
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