Free FTP and File Transfer Utilities
Do you download a lot of programs from the Web? Then you should check out our roundup of the Web's best free FTP programs (and other file transfer utilities) below.
"FTP" stands for File Transfer Protocol. Simply put, it is a way to copy files to and from FTP servers elsewhere on a network. And it's the most common method for downloading files onto your computer (and uploading files to Web sites).
Some people do all their downloading through their Web browsers. Indeed, for casual downloaders, your browser may be all the software you need.
But if you download a lot of files, you should check out the FTP and other file transfer programs we list below. They provide a much superior method for downloading software. They provide many handy features that can make your downloading time much more efficient. For example, some of these programs let you "tag" various files that you'd like to download while you're surfing. After you've finished a surfing session, they'll automatically go out and retrieve the files for you and then shut down your connection. Other programs will automatically reconnect and resume a failed download for you. (There are few things more annoying than losing your connection after you've downloaded 19 megabytes of a 20 meg file!)
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