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Of course it blends tried some tricks I liked
And some of them I continued ..
- Mixed with snow white petals used times
The suit sauna explicitly Traffic and endowed Rihtha not Asthmmelt ..
- Dlleke what you continue to challenge them and this coffee
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- Soapy Mzionh chakra and I continued to whom Talaat pills p left chest
- Mixed with soap Minister Hor Jinan
Sweet Hahil concluded Aaquemet first but I do return used
- Seder and milk powder for the face Madden
- For the ride, elbows used Halkhalth Tjnn time
And God opened my knees and I slept for a week where
If :-) The wash with soap Taus
- Wheat germ oil for halos magnificence month differentiate
Bs Ramadan let him stay up I became *
- Mixed with Moroccan soap have loved to record a
Tjnn Tjnn Vtanna and goes on for them
- Trtaibi Vaseline pink uniform color
- Use of the sensitive region of parsley soap
Currency House + and infield cream violin Midhth alone here
Hleuen and while the continuous them ..
- Seder as body lotion twice a week is united and beautiful ..
- Subject to a satisfactory Asrna Habayth glycerin and lemon
I became used it once a week and magnificence to me after I became daily shor infield p brown uniforms rode areas and elbows and armpits and then the infield cream
Deodorant after its currency House of praise alone here
It is Cilaoled and lemon and caught Thread claimed from Favorites Bs claimed the threads down links to Vadtna
- Easyway peeling every week and Moroccan bath
- Cost of fresh turmeric with Vaseline and drink turmeric p empty stomach
- Orange brushes all become Jmmil
- Paddock Smonna drink and Vthani

My skin color small white grew Bs
Browned by the sun and the lack of attention and became corny
Kind mixed
Brightening the road because salvation has decided to continue


Thread now you
I hope mention your experiences and your skin type
Male experiments to Vadtkm and benefited to you
And I ask God to help us and have mercy on us and Agelana of the people of Paradise