Humans conflict:
It is:
A material conflict: The in (a living and love owning a minimum conflict) and as a result may be differences between individuals and between the wars of the country
And the conflict of spiritual or mental: The in (ideologies or the sense explained philosophies or doctrines and beliefs conflict conflict) and this conflict is the strongest on earth, and the wars that arise between the country often for ideologies, ideas and doctrines and beliefs in order to be the ruling, even world wars were wars between ideologies and philosophies often represented in communism and capitalism
Islam is the only religion which warned of this conflict at all levels, it is considered the relationship between all human beings is the relationship of dialogue and long relationship in origin (O people, we created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes so)
And it forbade forcing humans to enter into it, but his family is calling him strongly and sincerely (and pray to the Lord that you are guided straight) and warned them of dereliction of communicated to all people, lest Aotmwa (Tlpsoa not truth with falsehood and conceal the truth, and you know)
Then, after making the communication is faith and disbelief regarding the slave alone (say, right from your Lord wills it, let him believe and disbelieve willing)
It is safe within Balradwan survive in the afterlife and heaven and Kafr was his torment in the Hereafter the wrath of God and the fire
Islam in legislation easy proceeded great guarantee for humans adequacy livelihood and freedom of religion and if they are smart enough over their differences on the livelihood and their wars on the doctrines and philosophies and beliefs ..... but how it and the desires of humans are governed
(Our Lord, do not our hearts deviate after You have guided gave us from Thy mercy, You are the Wahab)
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