• er has a "basic mode" and "advanced mode," so there is no need to select a mode when you log in.
  • No sidebar: The Viewer no longer has the sidebar
    on the right. Instead, it has fully-configurable toolbars. See
    Customizable toolbars below.
  • Me menu has been reorganized to group related functions.
  • Shop button: Click  Introduction to Viewer version 3.2 Original?v=mpbl-1&px=-1to go directly to Second Life Marketplace in your web browser.

Customizable toolbars

Starting with Viewer 3.2.0, the Second Life Viewer provides highly
customizable toolbars. By default, one toolbar appears at the left and
one at the bottom of the Viewer window. Toolbars include buttons for
your appearance, inventory, people, places, voice settings, text and
voice chat, and many more.

 Introduction to Viewer version 3.2 Large?v=mpbl-1&px=-1

You can customize these toolbars in several ways:

  • Drag and drop buttons to different locations
    within the toolbars and between the toolbars, including to the right
    side of the window. When you click and drag a button, blue "drop
    zones" appear at the left, bottom, and right edges of the Viewer
    window: these are places where you can drop the buttons. To create a
    right toolbar, simply drag buttons to the blue "drop zone" on the right
    side of the window.
  • Add or remove buttons. Right-click on a toolbar button and choose Toolbar buttons... (or choose Me > Toolbar buttons... or press Ctrl-T)
    to show the TOOLBAR BUTTONS window. Dragging buttons to this window
    removes them from a toolbar; dragging buttons from this window adds
    them to a toolbar. Click Restore Defaults to return the toolbars to their default configuration.
  • Choose whether the buttons have labels. Right-click on a toolbar button and choose Icons and labels to display labels or Icons only to display icons only.

Hide all controls

Choose Me > Hide all controls or press Ctrl-Shift-U to hide all the controls in the Viewer user interface. Doing this gives you an unobstructed view inworld.

To show all the controls again, press Ctrl-Shift-U or log out and log in again.

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