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A way to get rid of the cold

What is the cold?

(Colds, colds, pharyngitis or colds) are all terms of the same disease and infection. And colds of the most common diseases among people, young and old, and the spread of cold in the winter, the separation of cold and rain, viruses spread between people, and get cold.

Catarrh is an acute viral infection, which affects the respiratory system in the human body, especially the concentration of the virus in the nose and pharynx. It is highly contagious and spreads easily among individuals. There are also 200 virus strains, all of which cause colds, the most common and common among individuals (nasal virus).

Symptoms of colds

Signs and symptoms of cold appear on the patient after one to three days of infection with the virus, and these symptoms continue from two weeks (14 days). Symptoms include:

The feeling of congestion in the nose, and suffocation.

Gonorrhea occurs in the nose.

The body temperature rises, rising slightly.

Cases of recurrent sneezing.

Cough from the symptoms that accompany the cold in most of the injuries.

Feeling of headaches, fatigue and fatigue.

The feeling of pain and pain in the throat area.

The patient feels pressure on his ears, and in his nasal pockets.

Dizziness in the eyes of the patient, with a burning sensation in them.

Cure for colds

Through drugs that treat problems of congestion, gonorrhea, sore throat and cough.

The patient has vitamin C / C, which increases immunity in the patient, and we find this vitamin in orange, strawberries and lemon.

Eat hot drinks, such as herbs, that relieve sore throat. Such as thyme, chamomile, aniseed, ginger with lemon, and ginger with cinnamon.

The tamarind syrup limits the cold.

The linden flowers, made of emulsion that benefits the patient and benefits his chest, facilitates the process of breathing at him, and removes the cold and relieve it.

Mix the marjoram and Vaseline and use them as a cream, we give you the nose from the inside and outside before sleeping at night, reduce the explanation and cold nose.

A way to get rid of the cold Eeeoee62