The 11 best doctors in the world are:

1- Holy Quran
2 - Frequent drinking water
3 - adequate sleep at night
4 pure outdoor air "private air dawn"
5 - walking half an hour a day
6. Balanced health food
7- Sunlight
8. Honey
9. The black bean
10 - Satisfaction to the extent of good and evil
11 - Breathe by ... "There is no god but Allah"
And reprimand yourself .. B "ask forgiveness of God
And suffer .. praise "to God
And exclamation .. B "Hallelujah"
And rejoice .. Prayer on the Messenger of Allah
And grieve .. I am to God and I return to him "
And break the poison of your eye with "God willing, may God bless you"
And start .. B "Bismillah"
And concluded with "thank God"
I ask God to accept me and you, it is not after the satisfaction of God but Paradise

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