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What causes insects in the house

American scientist says in his study:
Many of us complain about the presence of insects at home, although he did a lot to get rid of them but to no avail,
You find these insects abound in other seasons such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants and others ..
And we always resort to killing these insects by various means and many of us ignorant that it is not right to kill these insects
Because its presence has a power message telling you that there is a defect in the home
And that you should understand the message instead of killing insects that tell you the existence of energy imbalance in your home.

Some may ask what it means to have an energy imbalance at home?

If your family members have a lot of problems, quarrels, insults, insults or inconsistencies, make sure there is a defect in the energy of the house, or it may be envy or magic.

The insects fully know these energies and are attracted to them.
Take the types of insects and why and behind the presence of many at home.

@ Cockroaches, jealousy between the house members or from the direction of the rest of individuals.

@ Vulgarity or leprosy, abound in houses where insulting, swearing and cursing even if the individual family member.

@ Mosquito, abound in homes whose owners are arrogant and arrogant.

@ Spiders, may indicate the presence of treasure or money or that a family member keeps a large amount of money, or the existence of energy sheds if the wife dominates the husband.

@ Flies, abound in homes whose owners are dissatisfied with their lives and always tense.

@ Butterfly, its presence means high-frequency energy is beautiful there is good news or news.

@ Ants, appear in homes whose parents feel poverty or poverty Ants always attracted to the energy of scarcity and scarcity, but if he appeared in a house does not have poverty or scarcity or even feeling it is evidence of moving to another house,
Ants also indicate the presence of energy magic or envy because ants alienated from these energies and out of hiding ...

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That hidden creature that haunts you like your shadow to leave you a moment of your life and grow up with you and Sheikh with you and he looks like you created on your body and qualities as your qualities and temperament as your mood and if you sit alone in your room and you cry, it embraces you and Iwasek, a kind of jinn is one of the soldiers of the devil and that remains sitting on your grave to the clock
The features and behaviors of the bad ones and the good ones you practice with you are sometimes felt and almost heard and seen