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Natural Contraception Methods

The most important natural methods that can be used for contraception include:

Breastfeeding is one of the oldest and most widely used methods of contraception in the world, whether intentionally or unintentionally. This method is natural and does not conflict with Islam and Islam, but it may not always be guaranteed. Ovulation during breastfeeding
Safety period
The method is largely based on the assumption that the egg can not be fertilized after more than 36 hours of ovulation, and the sperm can not live for more than four days in the female reproductive system at most, and ovulation occurs before menstruation Ten days, so to practice this method to prevent pregnancy, women should keep their menstrual dates. If you keep these dates, this can help you know the safety period, which is usually almost four days after the end of your period. And five to eight days before the next menstrual period. This method is natural, it does not require drugs, drugs, etc., but it is a defect that the calculations are not always guaranteed, they are not suitable for newly married and with excessive sexual maturity, and it also requires very high levels of persistence and culture .
External ejaculation
 It is narrated in Saheeh Muslim that Jabir (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: "We were isolated during the reign of the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - so that the Prophet of Allah - may Allah bless him and grant him peace - A ladder - not an end. " This method is not incompatible with religion and Sharia, and it does not need to be taught, but the disadvantages of it is not guaranteed, may occur ejaculation inside, and does not achieve sexual satisfaction and this method also lead to the congestion of internal organs of women, Due to lack of sexual satisfaction, resulting in an increase in menstrual pain, pain in the abdomen and back

Choose a tool
Contraception Before you choose a woman or men contraception you should think of several things, namely how easy it is to use this contraceptive, whether it needs a prescription to be used, its effectiveness, and its physical cost. Thinking about all of these can be difficult, so it is best to take medical advice before deciding on the best way to prevent pregnancy. (1) The most important means of temporary pregnancy and can be used, the following: Prevention of pregnancy through means grown in the body: a means of contraception that is implanted within the body, so that it remains for several years, and some of these means depends on hormones, What depends on the implantation of copper body inside the body to prevent pregnancy. Hormonal Contraception: This method relies on the use of hormones, so as to prevent the ovaries from releasing the eggs that can be fertilized, and pills are one of these methods. Spermicide: This method uses chemicals to kill sperm after ejaculation. Holes: This means the use of Hail, to prevent the arrival of sperm to the egg, and condoms is a kind of many species of this barrier or barrier.