Definitions worthy of reflection
** Sleep: The king does not reject him
** Hunger: no one has mercy
** Inspiration: A cold sword in warm ribs
** Anxiety: A rocking chair moves in the same place
** Trust: Train takes you forward
** Silence: Gold
** The conviction: treasure is not lost
** Hate: ignite without fire or smoke
** Dimitation: the amount of lack of self-confidence
** vanity: the ugly view and Muasher
** Honesty: a key to the most heartless
** Injustice: the darkness of the Day of Resurrection
** Treason: the end
** Tolerance: the beginning
** Friendship: rare coin
** Fear: as drowning in a pool without water
** Secretariat: Humanitarian message
** Mercy: one of the attributes of God, which gave to humans
** Scavenger: Save the property to the thieves
** Anger: The key to insanity
** Hate: Heart failure
** pessimism: lack of faith in God
** Patience: the key to the vagina
** Run away where you want: -
...? To your Lord, the reactionary? ...
** And do what you want there is a book: -
(Do not leave small or large except counted) ..
** Today :-
Accepts you (whit) ..
** Tomorrow: -
He will not accept you (filling the land with gold)
Well worth pondering.