50 school advice for parents

1 - God in his hand, always ask him to reconcile your child for good and make him righteous (and repair me in my offspring)
2 - Be aware .. School is not everything in the life of the son.
3 - Prayer Prayer is nothing to occupy us, whatever it is.
4 - How to awaken your son for school time and do not wake him up for prayer time ?? !!
5 - The date of awakening is the date of the dawn prayer, and the date of sleep does not exceed ten only in the narrowest limits.
6 - The morning and evening adhkaar with your son is a must for God to keep.
7 - Milk or honey or a grain of blessing or dates are all useful foods should be taken by the son before leaving school.
8- Do not deprive your son from reading some verses with him by explaining them before going out to school.
9 - Oud your son on the healthy practices of washing teeth and hands and others.
10 - Take care of your son and cleanliness of his clothes and trim his nails and the dignity of his hair and put the good - except the large girls - before leaving.
11 - Do not deprive your son of a kiss and smile while you invite him with an invitation to succeed.
12 - Every day at the door gave your son advice to benefit him, or tell him: I occupy your day to pray to the Prophet, I occupy your day praise .. And so set a male or a good work and follow him.
13 - our education is heavy on our children because it lacks the correct educational foundations of science do not count on it very much, and you are a school parallel to your son.
14- Mercy and mercy, schools and lessons are not merciful, do not be extra to your child.
15 - The firmness of the firmness, the self is overcome by laziness and the love of rest;
16 - Give him everything from two, perhaps a colleague needs something.
17. Do not allow anyone to insult your child for whatever reason.
18. A child may be absent from school or a lesson especially if he feels that he is exhausted or still has many duties.
19 - The loss of the school educational standards sound and may harm the son is forced to leave behind to reduce the damage; If the absence of the son several days a week do not mind him do not hesitate to do so.
20 - Choosing a friend and asking about him and knowing his ethics is important, so do not mind inviting your child's friend once for lunch to get to know him.
21. Calm down and avoid screaming, and do not react.
Think about treatment rather than thinking about the type of punishment.
23 - It is nice to go out with him sometimes to reach the school even if it is close, or to wait for the time to get out of it.
24 - Make sure to prepare the son for his books and tools before going to sleep.
25 - Advise him to respect the teacher and his colleagues and the school system and not to imitate the error, and not respond to bad like.
26 - Specify specific times to complete the required academic duties, it is necessary to study the duration of the lesson for a period.
27 - Compel your child not to postpone the duty required of him, and completion on the same day.
28 - If your child can sleep an hour or two after returning from school, do.
29 - Let him rely on himself, especially if he exceeded ten, told him that you will not explain to him, and that responsible for understanding the lesson, he must ask the teacher or to ask his colleague.
30 - Do not mind sitting with the son sometimes to help him to solve the duty or lesson study, especially if it is difficult.
31 - Commit your son to organize the duty and improve the line.
32 - Keep away from negative inhibitions and words that kill ambition and hope in the heart of your son, do not disappoint or despise him.
33. Stimulating the son with words and gifts is important, so do not overlook him.
34 - Do not forget to visit your son and ask about him, and take with you a candy to distribute on the chapter during his visit.
35. It is good to encourage a child to participate in school radio or any other useful activity.
36 - The brother does not sit next to his brother during the study or to resolve the duty, especially if it is disabled.
37. It does not make sense that your child in school neglects the home system; he is responsible for placing everything in his place, arranging his bed, cleaning his room and carrying his food to the kitchen after he is finished.
38 - If you can prevent the son from buying, do, and you provide the candy he loves from home.
39. Teach your child not to spend the money permanently, but rather to save and manage money.
40 - Enter your child when he turns the duty to accept him and call him.
41 - Make a juice or put some of the games next to him as a nerd.
42. Prevent the cartons only an hour or two a week.
43 - Try to go out on a walk with your child every week or every two weeks, and do not exceed the month.
44 - Sit with your child while eating food to open with him recently about what he sees and heard in school, to give him tips from the School of Life.
45 - There is no need to talk about the problems of the school son in front of relatives and friends.
46 - Do not exhaust your child memorizing large parts of the Koran during the study, but reduced what you can.
47 - It is not meaning that your child is delayed in the article that he failed, but may be education is failing, then I know that God is divided grants.
48 - agreed with your husband on one policy in dealing so as not to be the son of the victims of differences.
49. If you can provide advice to the school or a useful activity, do so.
50 - You and your children need minutes of relaxation away from study and illusion.

Finally, if you think that anyone may benefit from advice from the above and spread it to you and help you to spread good

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